WATCH: Pro-Rioter ‘Justice for J6’ Rally Draws ‘Dozens’ of Attendees, ‘Hundreds’ of Cameras


Pro-Rioter 'Justice for J6' Rally Draws 'Dozens' of Atttendees, 'Hundreds' of Cameras

Early reports and videos emerging from the pro-Capitol-rioter “Justice for J6” rally indicate that the event has drawn “a few dozen” attendees, and many times that number of press and police.

On Saturday afternoon, videos began trickling out on social media showing the early stages of the event, organized to show support for those imprisoned over the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol, showing very high turnout — by cops and the media.

Spectrum News congressional reporter Taylor Popielarz posted some observations along with a clip, noting:

—Several hundred press
—Hundreds of police
—Few dozen rally attendees
—Couple dozen counterprotestors
—Media flocking to individual people in circus-like fashion
—Rally attendees tell me they’re disappointed by turnout but pleased w/ press attention

Other clips featured similar scenes and observations:

As the event began, an organizer joked to the sparse crowd that they should measure their wrists for the handcuffs that would surely be slapped on them by the FBI, a reference to the conspiracy theory that the rally is a “setup” by the government.

Update: As the rally progressed, MSNBC reported an estimate of the crowd of attendees of about 200.

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