WATCH: Shocking Video of Man Brawling With Ex-Wife’s Armed Boyfriend

In an extremely insane domestic dispute case, an Ohio man got in a brawl with his ex-wife’s girlfriend after getting in a heated argument over child visitation, and the fight ended with the man accidentally shooting his ex-wife (who was recording the whole thing on her phone) in the back.

Tony Molchak dropped his daughter off at his ex-wife’s house, according to KFOR, and her boyfriend Gary Schussler started arguing with him before Molchak took a swing and punched him.

Schussler pulled out a gun, at which point Shelley Molchak shouted, “You have a fucking gun?!” Schussler dropped the gun, Molchak picked it up and cocked it, and he ended up accidentally shooting his ex-wife, who was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Schussler was reportedly drunk at the time and was charged with assault and having weapons while intoxicated, while Molchak was charged with negligent assault for shooting his ex-wife.

Watch the video below, via KFOR:

[h/t The Blaze]

[photo via screengrab]

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