Watch: Skateboarding Kids Videotape Parkgoers Saving Babies Locked In Hot Car


It’s hot right now. Really hot. The kind of hot that you wish you could time travel back to next winter when you hear someone complaining about the snow getting their socks wet. What this means though is that it’s not a good time to be sitting in a locked car and leaving a helpless child in one could prove fatal. Recently in a Washington park, a couple of babies were locked in a boiling hot vehicle. A fascinating and intense video, recorded by a passing group of skaters, shows an entire disperate group of people band together to save them.

The video, which has gone viral on Reddit this morning, begins like any other amateur skate video (complete with the ubiquitous fish eye lens that, years ago, someone first decided makes skating look cooler), however, all that changes when a woman runs up and asks the boys to help save the babies. One jumps into action and quickly begins smashing his skate board against the window. A valiant effort, unfortunately, polyurethane wheels aren’t going to do much against car windows. Soon things get more and more stressful as a crowd gathers and the babies can be heard crying inside.

It’s pretty crazy footage that fortunately has a (spoiler alert?) happy ending. It works as a good reminder of the dangers of the hot, hot summer and, perhaps more importantly, does well to show the good a group of complete strangers can do when someone’s in trouble.

Watch the clip from YouTube below:

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