WATCH: ‘Stop The Steal’ Rally in DC Dissolves Into Chaos as Proud Boys Fight With Antifa and Police, At Least 4 Hospitalized With Stab Wounds

proud boys fight antifa

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images.

The pro-Trump rallies protesting the election results in Washington, D.C. Saturday were marked by heated rhetoric during the day, and increasing physical violence as the sun set, with members of the far-right group Proud Boys clashing with leftist Antifa and Black Bloc protesters and police.

Numerous members of the media observed the rally speeches, marches, protests, and later violence between the various groups, and shared their videos and photos on Twitter. (Warning: disturbing images and language in several of the photos and videos below.)

Many of the pro-Trump rally attendees did not wear face masks, in violation of D.C. city ordinance, according to Axios. Axios reporters also noted that the Proud Boys had attempted to march to Black Lives Matter Plaza where the counterprotesters had gathered. The Proud Boys were blocked by police using pepper spray and their bicycles to push people back, but nonetheless managed to get into multiple physical altercations with the counterprotesters.

Police made multiple arrests and at least four people were sent to area hospitals with stab wounds, according to the Washington Post, although it was not clear which group’s members had been stabbed.

The above photo was taken by Getty photographer Stephanie Keith, who noted in the caption that it showed “Members of the Proud Boys kick a member of Antifa on the ground during a protest on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC.”

The Proud Boys were present in the crowd during the day, as observed by reporters like the Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott. Even before any violence occurred, Talcott noted that the Proud Boys were chanting “Fuck antifa.”

Talcott captured part of a fight as the Proud Boys attempted to march towards BLM Plaza, and their “angry” reactions to the police blocking their access.

As the sun set, Talcott tweeted that the police had shut down parts of McPherson Square in an attempt to keep the Proud Boys, Black Bloc, and other various Trump supporters and counterprotesters separate. Several of these groups had brought protective equipment and weapons, and the situation eventually devolved into “all out brawls.”

Townhall’s Julio Rosas filmed similar scenes, showing fights as police “move in and pepper spray everyone.”

Talcott may have captured video of the scene where a protester was stabbed.

Photographer Adam Gray tweeted a photo he said was during a stabbing, showing a Proud Boy punching a counterprotester holding a knife, and another photo a few moments later showing him receiving medical attention.

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