WATCH: Students Chant ‘John McCain’s Dead’ While Protesting Ben Shapiro at Ohio State


Ben Shapiro speaks to students at Ohio State University on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Conservative radio host and author Ben Shapiro spoke as a guest of the Young America’s Foundation on the campus of Ohio State on Tuesday night and student protesters gathered, as happens at most of his lectures, to demonstrate and shout. In this case, among other things, shouting “John McCain’s dead!”

Emily Jashinsky of YAF posted the video to Twitter, and wrote about what happened for The Federalist.

The students were first shouting “Reagan’s dead” before they changed which Republican’s death they were gleefully celebrating because of how woke and non-violent they are. They also apparently chanted “Bush Senior’s dead” before they realized that, no, in fact, he’s alive. So besides woke, they’re smart.

YAF and other people in attendance posted additional videos of the reasonable, adult behavior to their Twitter account.

Okay, maybe Santa wasn’t a student. But among the protesters were definitely students.

We would explain to you at this point in a story like this, normally, what exactly they were protesting about, but your guess is as good as Reagan’s. It’s not exactly clear. There were some “Free Palestine” signs so… that?

Anyway, Shapiro apparently carried on with the show despite the outside disruptions.

At the Daily Wire, Shapiro’s website, they may have more on the motivation of the anti-McCain students.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of YAF.

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