WATCH: Terrified Nazi Strips Down and Runs From Protesters: ‘I’m Not Really White Power, Man’

There are few things more pleasurable then when bad things happen to Nazis. So if you enjoyed that footage of a Nazi speaker from Charlottesville crying like a baby about being terrorized by Chelsea Manning — you should probably keep reading.

While documenting the violence in Charlottesville, documentary filmmaker, C.J. Hunt  stumbled on a remarkable scene which involved a nameless white supremacist running from a crowd of protesters.

Like a bizarre form of cosplay, the young thuglet attempted to quasi-surrender to his pursuers by taking off his shirt and proclaiming that he wasn’t really a Nazi.

“I’m not really white power, man” he whined. “I just came here for the fun.”

LOLZ!!! — it was a JOKE guys!

“You can’t just take your costume off,” said someone off camera.

Hunt’s video was embedded in an insightful article he produced for GQ which is worth a read.

The unnamed Nazi attempted melt away into the crowds as police dispersed protests warning that it was an “unlawful assembly.”

Hunt pursued.

“So you just came here for the fun? You’re not a real white supremacist,” asked Hunt.

“It’s kind of a fun idea,” he said.

“Which part?” Hunt pressed.

“Just being able to say ‘white power.'”

At one point the Nazi said he had been in jail, but declined to say what the charge had been.

[image via screengrab]

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