WATCH: The New Orange is the New Black Trailer Has Arrived


After some major teasing, the trailer for Orange is the New Black‘s fourth season has finally come. The hit Netflix show chronicles the exploits of a group of diverse women who just so happen to be in prison. This season, viewers get to see what life at Litchfield Penitentiary looks like after a little overhaul that turns it into a for-profit prison.

What it looks like is major drama.

The show has received mass acclaim for the way that it humanizes inmates, makes them complex, and shatters the falsely dichotomic idea that someone who is a criminal cannot also be a good or compassionate person.

In real life, the stars are every bit as multi-faceted as the characters they portray. Many of them attended the #MillionsMarch against police brutality in New York City in December of 2014. Diane Guerrero, who plays inmate Maritza Ramos, is an outspoken advocate for immigration reform and recently released a book that focuses on her parents’ detainment and deportation when she was 14. Actress Laverne Cox, who portrays Sophia Burset, is an activist who speaks regularly about the challenges faced by the LGBT community. Matt McGorry, who is cast as a guard with a very unique storyline, is as well known for his feminist activism as his character’s struggles.

Like its talent, OitNB uses its platform to call attention to some big issues. Undoubtedly, the prison’s new for-profit status will figure heavily into the story line and will most likely serve to offer broader commentary on the prison industrial complex. In the past, racial tension and class privilege have been strong themes on the show, as have rape, consent, and the power dynamics inherent in various relationships. Judging by this trailer, there is no shortage of those heavy hitters, either.

The show comes back June 17, so you do have time to binge any episodes you might need to catch up on.

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