Watch This Player Get Hit Right in the (You’re Smart, You Know Exactly Where He Gets Hit)

Let’s be honest: You’re smart. (We know that because you frequent this site.) You’ve Internet-ted for a while now. You know how this works.

At the top of this page, we’ve posted a cricket video. Suffice it to say, cricket is not a sport with a great deal of mainstream interest in the United States. So you can guess that this is a blooper video of some sort. We’re not posting some masterful display of cricket-ing here. (We confess: we wouldn’t know masterful cricket-ing if a biffer knocked us upside the head with it.)

Some guy gets hit in the family jewels. That’s what happens in the video. But again, you didn’t need to be told that. You were bright enough to figure it out.

The details you probably didn’t know? The man who got hit was Hilton Cartwright of Austrailia. During a match against Pakistan, he was positioned just feet away from the batter. The batter hit the ball, it took one bounce, and hit Cartwright in a bad place.

Cartwright was knocked down by the shot, and was quickly attended to by teammates.

“Everyone is probably sitting at home laughing, but if you’re Hilton Cartwright…you’re not,” commentator Mark Taylor said.

But Cartwright eventually did crack a smile. He was not hurt, and in fact, continued playing — which means we can all enjoy this video guilt-free.

Watch it above, via YouTube

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