Watch Trump Bizarrely Tell Letterman About All the Live Birds He Bought to Fly Around the Plaza Hotel


In the late 1980’s, business magnate Donald Trump was the perfect guest for David Letterman. The comic legend was still at Late Night on NBC, and was widely considered heir apparent to the Carson throne of late night legitimacy; Trump on the other hand was decades away from a life in politics, instead focusing on real estate deals and his recent acquisition of the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City. Trump would go on to tell the New York Times of the sale, “I haven’t purchased a building, I have purchased a masterpiece.”

So it’s only fitting that Trump would fill that masterpiece the only way it deserves to be filled: with “a whole series of birds for the suites,” for the wealthy socialites to enjoy, as he hilariously recounted to Letterman during this November 10, 1988 appearance on Late Night.

Letterman poked Trump about any particular unusual investments, and in much of the same roundabout method of responding that we have grown used to in 2016, Trump eventually concedes on one very strange purchase:

“It’s not gonna be very dramatic but we bought a whole series of birds for the suites in the Plaza Hotel. I mean these are real, live birds. And all sorts of birds flying around in the suites. And some people walk in, they don’t believe what they’re seeing. Usually you walk in, and it’s artificial birds. These are real birds. We have to be careful David with who we let go into the suites. Sometimes a high-roller wants to come to New York and they want to come to the Plaza Hotel. And I’ll never let a high-roller from Atlantic City go into the suite in the Plaza where we have these live birds because the birds won’t be live very long.”

It’s the perfect type of bizarre fodder delivered in a straight man way that was teed up for Letterman. “I could have saved you a lot of money on that. All you have to do is open up the windows and you fill the room with pigeons,” joked Letterman.

“The live birds are probably still there,” offered Trump. Watch the above YouTube video, where the  Trump interview begins at the 16:15 mark.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is a columnist at Mediaite.

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