After Hedging on Trump, Giuliani Says ‘OK, So I’ll Endorse Him’

Rudy Giuliani has finally said it.

After expressing his support for Trump, but hedging on whether or not he would endorse him, the former Mayor of New York City Giuliani relented Tuesday morning, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo, “Okay, so I endorse him,” Giuliani said, “but I’m not part of the campaign.”

Giuliani has often been at pains to make a distinction between his support for Trump the candidate and his lack of any official connection to the campaign.

Just one day before the primary, Giuliani had reiterated his support for Trump, but said that he couldn’t formally endorse the campaign, because he didn’t want “to have to defend every single thing they do.”

Last week, he articulated his objection to endorsing Trump by saying, “When I endorse somebody, I join their campaign.”

Video courtesy of CNN

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