‘We Don’t Have Time For This!’: Seth Meyers Slams Bernie-or-Bust Voters For Not Getting in Line

“We don’t have time for this!” pleaded a frustrated Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday with the chorus of passionate Bernie Sanders supporters who are adamantly refusing the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. The new segment — appropriately titled “HEY!” — is a wake up call designed to slap the Berners out of it and stop being “ridiculous.”

To be sure, the “Bernie or Bust” movement has been a source of contention in Philadelphia this week, with people refusing to support Clinton despite her winning the party’s nomination. “The house is on fire, stop crying because we’re not putting it out with your hose,” Meyers said before turning his attention onto the ills that await the alternative.

“Hey! Pay attention,” Meyers continued. “We are on the cusp of electing a racist demagogue and that never ends well. I don’t know which class you ditched to attend those Bernie rallies, but I’m betting it was history.”

The Late Night host also addressed the often-heard line: at the end of day, how many people do YOU know who will actually be voting Trump? “You know how you have that crazy uncle you only see at Thanksgiving? This country is 48% crazy uncles, and it’s about to be Thanksgiving all day, every day.”

Finally, the comedian slammed the Bernie-or-Bust crowd for forcing the 74-year-old out on the campaign trail when he shouldn’t have to even bother. “He hates her!” Meyers yelled. “It’s just, unlike you, he’s adult enough to pretend he doesn’t.”

Watch the entire rant above from Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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