Stephen Miller Spars With Glenn Thrush on Immigration: ‘You’re Not Asking For Common Sense!’

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller and New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush got into a heated tussle during Wednesday’s press briefing over immigration.

Thrush asked Miller to cite a statistic to support the idea that American workers lose jobs to immigrant workers. Miller preferred to speak in more vague terms.

Miller: Let’s also use common sense here, folks. At the end of the day, why do special interests want to bring in more low-skilled workers.

Thrush: I’m not asking for common sense. I’m asking for specific statistical data.

Miller: I think it’s pretty clear you’re not asking for common sense. If I could just answer your question.

Thrush: Common sense is wonderful.

Miller: I named the studies, Glenn.

Thrush: Let me finish the question.

Miller: Glenn, I named the studies. I named the studies.

Thrush: I asked you for a statistic.

Miller then took a shot at Thrush and his employer, The New York Times

“Maybe we’ll make a carveout in the bill that says The New York Times can hire all the low-skilled less-paid workers from other countries and see how you feel then about low wage substitution,” Miller said.

“I’m asking for statistics,” Thrush said again.

Watch above, via CNN.

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