Hillary Press Aide to Reporter: ‘I Hope This Will Shut You the Hell Up’


hillary clintonAfter granting a long-requested concession to campaign reporters, a Hillary Clinton aide snarkily told a reporter that they hoped it would “shut you the hell up.”

Typically, reporters and presidential candidates fly in the same plane. But Clinton bucked this trend, flying in one plane and flying around reporters in a second. Her press corps had long asked that they fly in the same plane to increase access to a campaign already seen as too inaccessible.

On Friday, the Clinton campaign finally reversed that decision. But one aide was sure to tell Politico’s Glenn Thrush just how she felt about it.

(UPDATE 2:20 PM): In an email to Mediaite, Thrush explained that the remark was made partly in jest. “I was arguing as often do with Clinton’s people about access (during a background conversation on another story) when the person (who I like) said half-jokingly that she’d give more access once they fired up the campaign plane in part to shut me the hell up. The delivery was friendly, and we both laughed, but the point was telling, which is why I tweeted it,” he relayed.

Reporters were predictably miffed about the comment.

Even Donald Trump‘s campaign manager got in on the dog-pile.

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