What A Joke: Daily Caller Pimps Photoshopped Neil Munro Supermodel Slideshow


If you’re one of the ten people who still wondered about the integrity and credibility of The Daily Caller, its publisher Tucker Carlson, or heckling reporter Neil Munro, you can stop now. The website of choice for Obama-haters everywhere has published a pathetic, faux-joking attempt to pimp their intrepid interrupter as an irresistible bad boy, inserting his now-iconic Rose Garden pose into a slideshow of “Top 10: Supermodels who love Neil Munro.”

If you’re clicking through the slideshow (and for God’s sake, why not? The DC has sold its last shred of credibility for these clicks, so let them have ’em.) wondering what the joke is, you’ll have to look up a few inches, to the site’s banner.

In the wake of Munro’s shameful display at Friday’s Rose Garden announcement, he and his employer have tried to cast Munro’s actions as the result of some superior journalistic impulse, rather than as the self-evident (and cheap) stunt that it was. The publication of this slideshow, however, reveals Munro’s heckling for exactly what it was: a pose, meant to be admired by the Obama-hating readers of The Daily Caller who don’t feel that this president is worthy of the respect of the office.

It’s also likely that Munro’s site wanted to formulate a meme to replace others, like the “Neil Munro Interrupts Everything” meme that places the Daily Caller scribe into hilarious historical contexts like this one:

So, give Munro and his frat-boy boss their clicks, if you must, but remember this next time Munro or Carlson try to pretend they’re anything more than cheap hucksters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In many ways, cheap hucksterism is part of the foundation of this country, and has a long tradition in journalism. It’s the pretense that’s wrong. Agressive journalists don’t interrupt presidential speeches, and they don’t do photoshopped personal spank banks.

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