What Did Twitter Do to Piss off William Shatner This Bad?

William Shatner noticed a suspicious account in his “following” list late Monday night: Mastercard, an account he doesn’t follow on Twitter:

Soon Shatner began noticing Mastercard in the follower lists of other major accounts, including Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, The Rock (who followed only one person yet somehow also had Mastercard listed), and, most awkwardly, Visa:

The promoted account appears to be an evolution of the promoted tweet; whereas before a company could buy an individual promoted tweet, which appeared in your timeline even if you didn’t follow the account, now the account itself goes straight into your follower list.

This isn’t to say you follow Mastercard. Note in Shatner’s screenshot the difference between the blue and white boxes. Blue means you follow the account; white gives you the option.

But it was the appearance that Shatner followed Mastercard that bothered him. He tweeted at the company heads:

Blocking Mastercard did no good, as another promoted account would just take its place:

The whole thing was enough to send Shatner, with his 2.03 presumably legitimate million followers, off the social media platform (we’ll believe it when we see it):

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