Who Did This Clinton Supporter Compare Donald Trump to That Set Off a Shouting Match on CNN?


One of the most frequently cited criticisms of the Obama administration is a popular conservative go-to: What has he done for the African American community?

Critics point to the rates of gun violence in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois and escalating tensions with law enforcement as evidence that he has not left the community any better than when he assumed office in 2009. It was at the heart of a spirited debate Thursday on CNN Tonight, with two supporters of the current party nominees aggressively squaring off on whose candidate has addressed some of these concerns better.

In this corner, Bakari Sellers: a Hillary Clinton supporter who opined at the start of the segment, “[Donald] Trump is more George Wallace than he is Ronald Reagan,” an assertion that immediately set off Boris Epshteyn, a Trump advisor on the show.

Wallace, former Alabama Governor, famously called for “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, [and] segregation forever,” and used the vehicles of populism and public opinion to actually try and prevent black students from enrolling in certain schools in the 1960s.

“You have no basis for the George Wallace comparisons!” Epshteyn slammed back, before citing the aforementioned Chicago gun violence line.

Sellers defended the work of the Clintons regarding criminal justice reform, while Epshteyn hit back by invoking the controversial 1994 Crime Bill. “The Clintons are to blame for what’s going on with our prisons.”

“When is Donald Trump going to actually say the words ‘criminal justice reform’?” Sellers asked.

Epshteyn attempted to clarify before getting cut off: “What he’s saying is he’s going to save our inner cities because the economy is at its basis. Look at Detroit… by giving investments, investing in our inner cities –”

“He’s going to give black people hand outs?” Sellers asked sarcastically, who shot out the word “HOW?!” at least half a dozen times to Epshteyn’s face in the exchange.

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