Whoops. Boston Herald Website Labels Dunkin’ Donuts Update A ‘Terror Alert’

You might not know this, but there are a whole lot of buttons and HTML codes and all sorts of different doohickeys involved in running a news website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally labeled an audio clip as a video clip or linked to Soledad O’Brien’s Power Grid when I wanted Conan O’Brien’s. Mistakes happen all the time and it looks like a particularly interesting one happened over at The Boston Herald. It appears that when someone posted an article about a business deal involving Dunkin’ Donuts, they accidentally hit the wrong button, sending it to the front page with a giant “TERROR ALERT” banner.

At least, we think it’s an accident. Either that or we all need to start worrying about jelly filling shrapnel.

Really, we better hope Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t involved in terror. It would be difficult to stop them. Those guys get up early.

Still, this does explain why our nation’s police officers have been keeping such a close watch on them…

The error wasn’t on the site long. By the time our editor who stumbled upon it was able to alert the rest of the staff, it was gone. Fortunately, he grabbed this screen cap:

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