Whoops! Sarah Palin Accidentally Robocalls The Wrong State

Topeka Capital-Journal writer Tim Carpenter got a surprise last week when he received a mysterious phone call from a woman with a familiar Alaskan drawl. It turns out it was Sarah Palin calling in support of a political candidate. The only problem was the call was being directed to the wrong state. Whoops!

Carpenter reports that Palin called him and numerous other Kansan voters about Texas Republican Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz.

“Hello, Texas!” Palin told Carpenter. “I’m Sarah Palin.”

“Ted Cruz is a true conservative you can trust to stand on principle and change the way Washington does business,” she added. “Today, through May 25, please vote early for Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.”

Carpenter said “getting meaningful political advice from Palin was a treat.”

It was a one-sided conversation with Palin, of course, but it felt as if I was sitting down to a chat with folks back on the farm over a dinner of cornbread, beans and burgers. The country’s most famous non-candidate was confiding in me, a guy from tinytown Missouri, the no-nonsense, no-spin version of how I should vote in the Texas GOP primary.

Listen to Palin’s call to Carpenter below:

(h/t Raw Story)

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