Who’s Up, Who’s Down: This Week in Power Grid Upsets


Mediaite’s Power Grid is a pretty good tracker of who’s making a splash in the week’s news cycle — and who’s sinking. This week, we tell you how Larry King, Fareed Zakaria, Ann Coulter, and seven other media personalities are doing, and why. Click through people’s names to see their stats for the week in more detail.

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Larry King took a tumble from #36 to #49 among TV Anchors/Hosts, owing largely to poor ratings. Even though his show did better than some, Fox remains the big gorilla of cable, and CNN’s fortunes have suffered. It doesn’t help that King hasn’t had a big newsmaking guest since ridiculous bowtie-wearing Chris Brown appeared on his show.

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CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace isn’t exactly a household name, but she surged from #148 among TV Reporters to #18, an enormous jump. Why? Covering big stories. First, she covered Melanie Oudin during her breakaway US Open performance, and then she covered the Annie Le story as it took a more tragic turn. A busy week that must have been difficult towards its end.

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How did Meghan McCain climb from #12 to #6 among TV Pundits in the blink of an eye? Two words: The View. She’s been filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the season premiered with McCain at the round table. But she’s modest for someone on the way to the top: as she wrote on Twitter, she doesn’t want any pictures of her “juicy booty in a bikini on the internet.”

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