eliot spitzer

Man Claims Disgraced Ex-Gov Eliot Spitzer Threatened to Stab Him in the ‘F*cking C*ck’

Maher: If GOP Can Excuse Trump’s Behavior, Why Can’t Democrats Rehabilitate Anthony Weiner?

Corey Lewandowski’s Florida Lawyer Lost His Job for Allegedly Biting a Stripper

Spitzer’s Accuser Apologizes for Fabricating Assault Story; Police Investigation Continues

Ex-NY Gov. Spitzer Being Investigated for Allegedly Choking a Woman

NY Post’s Peyser Recycles Scandalized Obama Column, Subs in Spitzer

‘Screw You’: NY Daily News Endorses Spitzer Opponent In Comptroller Race

‘Sock It To Spitzer’: NY Post Endorses Opponent With Brutal Cover

Dispatches From The ‘War On Women’: New Abortion Laws Preferred Over Sexual Abuse, Being Called ‘C**t’

Spitzer Tells Matthews He Would ‘Fire’ Gov’t Employee Who Acted Like Weiner: He Should Not Be Mayor

Bill Maher: O’Reilly, GOPers Don’t Listen To Obama On Race, They Just ‘Know He’s Thinking Kill Whitey!’

Maher Takes On Evangelical Minister: Bible Clearly ‘Hates Fags,’ God’s A ‘Psychotic Mass Murderer’

Why Weiner, Spitzer And Filner Do Not Represent A Democratic ‘War On Women’

Not In Danger At All: Media’s Wish For A Mayor Weiner Likely To Be Granted

Geraldo Explains Nude Selfie, Takes Heat From Fox Colleague Eric Bolling: ‘One Of Dumbest Things You Could Do’

Colbert Grills The Hell Out Of Spitzer: ‘This Ain’t Charlie Rose, Motherf*cker!’

Jake Tapper Lays Into Spitzer Over Hypocrisy Of Never Being Charged With Breaking Law He Signed

John Oliver Scorches Spitzer-Weiner New York Redemption Tour: ‘Surprising Everyone With Their Solid Polling

Sharpton Not Ready To Endorse Spitzer Because He’s Busy With ‘The Trayvon Martin Thing’

Jay Leno Awkwardly Grills Eliot Spitzer: ‘How Could You Be This Stupid?’

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