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Why Is Ken Auletta Unable to Spell Mark Zuckerberg’s Name?

Ken Auletta seems unable to spell the names of some of the tech world’s biggest stars. Has the famed media critic perhaps not heard of a little research tool called Google?

In the press release — full document below — for Auletta’s latest book, Googled: The End of the World as We Know It, Penguin Press promotes the work  (a magisterial history-of-Google-Inc./rumination-on-the-future-of-media) in standard publishing-house fashion:


But on the second page, things take a turn for…the inaccurate.


Andresen?” “Zuckerber?” Huh. Okay. Maybe he means “Andreessen” and “Zuckerberg?”

Let’s be fair — Auletta is probably the most important writer on American media since the heyday of Gay Talese. Everyone knows that press releases at publishing houses are written by assistants or interns. And those interns, especially at a place like Penguin, may very well have signed up with dreams of publishing the collected letters of Kingsley Amis rather than tomes of media industry breast-beating/garment-rending.

But still – “Mark Zuckerber?”

Full document after the jump.

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