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Woman Claims American Airlines Forced Her to Throw Away Her Breast Milk

A woman and her family have accused American Airlines of forcing her to throw away breast milk when she attempted to board a flight, child in tow, as reported by NY Daily News.

Sara Salow, her husband, and their baby were attempting to board from Boston to Phoenix when American Airlines staff told them they simply had too much luggage, despite Salow claiming they only had four bags between the two of them, one of these including breast milk.

“When we went up to the counter. I was wearing my son in a carrier, the cooler was on the seat of the stroller and the woman said, ‘You have too many bags,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘This is a diaper bag, which I though was exempt; that backpack is his personal item and we have a cooler – I don’t have a personal item.'”

The airline was set to charge them $150 for the addition of another carry-on bag, but Salow and her husband opted to leave the cooler filled with eight bags of breast milk behind, saving them money but leaving them with no breast milk for their child.

American Airlines has released a statement on the mixup, apologizing to Salow.

“The customer should have been allowed to fly with the breast milk and we apologize that a mistake was made in this case. We have clarified our policies with our team members,” the statement read.

This apology, however, has come too late for Salow and her family. The mom said the incident was quite an ordeal.

“We were pretty mad. I immediately started crying,” she said. “It was humiliating, they kept telling us it was because we were basic economy passengers. It really felt demeaning.”

Salow said she hopes the experience will help future moms who may find themselves in a similar situation.

“If it means it will never happen to another mom, it was worth it,” she said.

You can watch ABC 15’s report above.

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