Worst Cameo Ever? Ted Haggard In Christian ‘Pro-Abstinence Sex Comedy’

You remember Ted Haggard. He’s the former leader of the New Life Church who was forced from the pulpit amid charges he used drugs and paid a masseuse for gay sex. Haggard’s hardly running from the limelight, however, telling GQ earlier this year he’s bisexual and now, doing a cameo in a preview for a yet-to-be-filmed “Christian sex comedy” called “The Waiting Game.” Yes, really.

As TPM’s Jullian Rayfield explains the plot, ” the movie follows a schlub named Jack who’s super excited about finally losing his virginity on his wedding night, but is foiled when his fiancee leaves him at the altar. He then goes on a quest to meet a replacement wife, while contemplating whether or not to remain abstinent.” And in a cafe, while suggesting that anything he might do would never end up in the newspaper, Haggard, at the next table, leans back and interrupts. “Hey buddy, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Watch it here, from YouTube:

(h/t TPM)

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