XOXO: Here’s the Totally Unexpected Place You’ve Seen Trump Campaign Spox Hope Hicks


If you were a young girl in the early 2000s or knew a young girl in the early 2000s, the Gossip Girl books were undoubtedly a part of your life whether you liked it or not. Every middle schooler read and reread them, daydreaming of high school and parties and drama. Of course, not every middle schooler was bound for the kind of high school featured in the books, which were written about the ultra-wealthy teens of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. If you aren’t too familiar with the neighborhoods of New York City, think of it like this: Donald Trump lives about two blocks from where the UES begins. It’s a hoity-toity sort of place, to be sure.

So, if you saw those books all over the place in 2005, you might get a weird tingle of nostalgia when you see the Trump campaign’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, who made a splash in media yesterday after a profile of her was published in GQ. That slight feeling of having seen her face somewhere before comes from something that took place long before the 27-year-old political playmaker was being written about in magazines, though. Look:

Yeah, there’s Hicks on the cover of one of the books from the GG spin-off series, The It Girl. The spin-off follows the life of the younger sister of one of the main characters from the original books, though to be fair, she was already a main-ish character herself.

Hicks has no history of working in politics. She was employed by Trump as a public relations person before he began running for President and when he took that step, he took her with him. The mysterious Hicks got the profile treatment from GQ because she’s a total enigma, but wasn’t actually interviewed. Instead, Olivia Nuzzi interviewed Trump about Hicks right in front of her. This stint as a book cover model only adds another layer to the intrigue that surrounds the unlikely campaign superstar.

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