Your Moment Of Glenn: Dems Will Likely Cheat To Get A Coakley Win

After two weeks of more or less ignoring the news of the day, Glenn Beck has jumped (with a chalk board vengeance) into the headline-making special Senate race in Massachusetts between Martha Coakely and Scott Brown. Beck is comparing tomorrow’s vote, which by all accounts is going to be a close one, to that of Bush v. Gore.

“Oh, you can imagine how ugly this thing will get if oh God help us all if it’s too close to call,” says Beck, by which he means he fears another ‘hanging chad’ debacle in Mass. because even though the Dems may have botched the recount in 2000, they have learned a thing or two since then: “They were so incompetent they didn’t know how to cheat, but don’t worry they’ve gotten good at it now.” According to Beck, even though “regular” Dems and Republicans don’t steal elections, Progressives do! “It’s practically a bylaw in any of their manifestos.” Beck’s examples include MSNBC’s Ed Schultz (for this remark) and Chris Matthews‘ “good old days” remark to Chuck Todd (presumably these are not the same good old days Beck frequently refers to). Video below.

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