UPDATED: YouTube Demonetizes Right-Wing Commentator Steven Crowder for Gay Slurs Against Vox Video Host


YouTube Declines to Punish Steven Crowder

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YouTube says it has demonetized the channel of right-wing commentator Steven Crowder for multiple videos involving slurs and insults directed at Vox video host Carlos Maza.

YouTube linked to an updated guideline blog, saying it will now “outline additional steps we may take beyond our current strike systems when channels upload videos that result in widespread harm,” including potentially suspending the ability for creators to make revenue from their channels (otherwise known as demonetization).

Crowder also responded, saying “the second Adpocalypse IS here.”

Maza argued that the move isn’t good enough, saying “the ad revenue isn’t the problem. It’s the platform.”

YouTube issued a clarification later Wednesday, saying it would restore revenue to Crowder’s channel if he removed links to sell his t-shirts.

UPDATE: In another update, YouTube issued a further clarification and said the t-shirts were one of the issues that led to Crowder’s demonetization, but not the company’s only issue with his channel. YouTube confirmed Crowder’s channel has been demonetized.

YouTube had originally said it would not punish Crowder following a review of his channel.

YouTube tweeted Tuesday that it had conducted a review of Crowder’s content and “while we found language that was clearly hurtful, the videos as posted don’t violate our policies.”

Last week, Maza tweeted out a supercut of various insults Crowder has used against him in his videos, many consisting of insulting Maza’s sexual orientation–resulting in YouTube launching its review.

On Monday, Crowder responded by posting an “apology” video that made light of the criticisms and mainly consisted of him re-reading previous insults from his previous videos.

Crowder has defended his comments on his channel by saying the insults are “friendly ribbing” and he makes comedy videos.

But Maza has claimed that Crowder’s videos mentioning him have resulted in harassment and abuse from Crowder’s fans and followers.

Maza posted a thread Tuesday responding to YouTube, arguing the company “gives bigots free license” and telling LGBT YouTube creators that the company is “using you.”

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