Maria Bartiromo Agrees That if Trump Fraud Claims Are Not True, He’s Undermining Democracy


Maria Bartiromo believes that if the allegations of a stolen election put forth by President Donald Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani are false, they are undermining democracy. Recent viewers of Bartiromo might be surprised by such an admission, particularly given how much airtime the Fox Business anchor has provided the baseless conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was corrupt. But here we are.

That moment came following a conversation with Giuliani, who, among other things, claimed he has evidence to overturn Biden wins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia — states where the President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump by more than 100,000 votes.

As legal scholar Rick Hansen put it Monday morning, “The President can keep declaring that he’s won, but there’s no plausible legal way this election gets overturned.”

“We are not talking three Hail Marys anymore,” he added. “We are talking done.”

Bartiromo somehow failed to ask Giuliani what evidence supports the absurd claim, and instead asked, “where is the DOJ in all of this?” supposing that there is something for the Justice Department to investigate.

After the interview, Bartiromo had on guests to discuss the comments made by the former mayor of New York City, and Wall Street Journal writer Jon Hilsenrath had a rather insightful take.

“Mayor Giuliani is using, and others, including the president, are using very stark and important words: Corruption. Fraud. Crook. These are very, very serious allegations,” Hilsenrath said. “If it is true? If there was corruption, if there was fraud? That is undermining our democracy, and we need to get to the bottom of it.”

Hilsenrath then presented a counter-argument that is rarely heard on Bartiromo’s show: “If those allegations are false? That is also inexcusable, that also undermines our democracy, and we need to get to the bottom of that. We’re going to know, one way or the other, someone is really stepping out of line.”

His point is spot on: claiming there is clear corruption in an American presidential election is an incredibly serious allegation and not one that should be thrown around for political gain.

“Agree with you one hundred percent,” Bartiromo replied. “We will continue following this, until we have answers. We want the answers. We deserve it.”

Bartiromo agreeing that Trump and Giuliani, two legendary New York figures with whom she has a shared professional history, are undermining American democracy if their allegations are not true, is no small thing. The bizarre thing is, we already know their allegations are ridiculous. That’s why prominent Republicans have quietly accepted the reality that Joe Biden will be the next president. It’s Giuliani’s job to continue propagating the fantasy that Trump actually won the election. It remains bizarre that a supposed journalist like Maria Bartiromo is helping him.

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