Top 5 Dumbest, Thirstiest Things Glenn Beck Said on Fox News Last Night


Conservative pundit Glenn Beck appeared on Sean Hannity‘s Fox News show Thursday night and made a number of wild comments — including his theory that Democrats are using “human waves” of migrants to end American civilization in “3-5 years” — as part of a shameless attempt to coax Hannity’s audience over to his YouTube channel.

The segment began with Hannity pointing out Beck’s new appearance, joking that his “hair is whiter than it used to be… and the beard is kinda new.”

Beck’s political identity — much like his constantly changing hair color and statement glasses — has gone through several rebrands over the past few years. In 2016, TheBlaze founder and former Fox News host helped lead the Never Trump movement and campaigned alongside Ted Cruz against the now-president. After the election, Beck cozied up to the mainstream media, repented for his attacks on Barack Obama, and even vouched for #BlackLivesMatter. But Liberal Beck didn’t last.

As Trump cemented his popularity among conservatives during his administration, Beck completely reversed his stance on the president returned to the fringe views upon which he built his original media brand.

And Beck, who merged his company TheBlaze with Mark Levin‘s CRTV last year, was apparently thirsty to pick up some of Hannity’s audience last night, as he threw out red meat talking points on George Soros and shadowy “Marxist” activists fueling immigration — while repeatedly begging Fox News viewers to visit his YouTube page.

Listed below are five of the dumbest and thirstiest moments from Beck’s Fox News interview.

1. Predicting the American “Republic” will be destroyed in 3-5 years

During Beck’s closing comments, he told Hannity: “I believe that we are 3-5 years from seeing the end of this Republic.” He did say that there is some hope — if Americans will simply “wake up, turn to god… beg him for forgiveness, ask him for help, and then just name the enemy.”

While Beck clarified he is “not prepared to share” the full extent of his theory now, his apocalyptic predication holds that the nation will collapse soon if communist revolutionaries can carry out their secret “plan” to “flip” America’s political system.

2. Accusing Democrats of using migrant “human waves” to change voting demographics

Last October, right-wing terrorist Robert Bowers gunned down 11 worshippers inside a Pittsburgh synagogue based on the theory that Jewish billionaires are bringing migrants to America to increase Democratic votes — a theory that Beck nearly parroted last night.

“[Trump] is trying to fight something at the border, but that’s not where the problem is,” Beck said, before claiming that problem is actually rests with a group of pro-immigrant activists who “are directly getting money from [Jewish billionaire] George Soros and others.”

“American communists in Chicago, that are taking loads of money from George Soros and others, they are orchestrating this,” he continued. “And what they are doing now is a human wave. It was a tactic used in China — or by China, against us, in the Korean War, where they just throw wave after wave after wave of people until you just can’t fight it anymore.”

Beck went on to call these migrants “an assault on the republic” and said, “Chuck Schumer and all of the others, they know about it, and they are covering and encouraging this.”

3. Promoting his “chalkboard video” four times 

During a just six-minute interview, Beck managed to namedrop a video posted to his YouTube channel four times. Beck told the network’s audience he “made it for Sean Hannity viewers, and… it is available in my YouTube channel, just look for a Glenn Beck YouTube and it is about what is going on at the border.”

The video is a delusional and convoluted breakdown of Beck’s chalkboard scrawlings — one of the pundit’s staples — on Latin American migration being a leftist plot to change demographics. Beck again asked Hannity’s viewers to “please visit YouTube and look for the Glenn Beck site and watch that video.”

4. Trying to use Hannity’s show to talk to President Trump

Beck and the president have had their differences in the past, including the time Beck wore orange-face after dipping his head in Cheetos to mock Trump, but the talk show host used his appearance on Hannity to try to reach out.

After Beck noted “I know one of your viewers is the president,” he looked in the camera and pleaded with the president to listen to him.

“Mr. President, please, you are not going to solve the problem at the border,” Beck said. “I know that seems rational, but when you look at the evidence, we can’t fight the enemy if we won’t call them by name, and these are communists.”

5. Refusing to let Hannity talk except when he mentioned Russian mind control techniques

Beck controlled the conversation throughout the interview, responding to Hannity’s questions with wildly unrelated observations and talking over him whenever the host tried to interject. One of the only comments the host was able to squeeze in between Beck’s self-promotion and chalkboard theories was on “the synthesis of Russian mind control techniques” — a topic that Hannity has apparently read up on.

“It is actually scary,” Hannity added, which piqued Beck’s interest, who asked for “the name of the book.”

“Yeah, I will get you a copy, I promise,” Hannity said as the broadcast of Beck’s face disappeared from the screen.

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