WATCH: Border Wall Chief Engineer Tells Trump to Stop Blabbing About Secret Surveillance Tech

Trump once again demonstrated his penchant for running his mouth about sensitive security information when he revealed surveillance technology about the border fence, and had to be shut down by his own acting Army Corps of Engineers chief.

During a lengthy photo op at a section of replacement border fence in Otay Mesa Wednesday, Trump held forth for almost 40 minutes, making outlandish and false claims about the wall that Mexico is still not paying for, and of which zero new miles have been built.

At one point, Trump couldn’t control himself, and bragged about some technology that he probably should have kept to himself, if Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite’s reaction is any indication.

“One thing we haven’t mentioned is technology, they’re wired so that we will know if somebody’s trying to break through,” Trump said, turning to Semonite — acting chief of the Army Corps — to add “and you may want to discuss that a little bit, General.”

“Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that,” Semonite replied, to laughter.

“OK, I like that, that was a great answer,” Trump said, then proceeded to discuss details of the fence’s wired capabilities for an additional 30 seconds.

Trump has a long history of blurting out sensitive or classified information, including recent reports that he may have compromised a CIA asset, and that a whistleblower reported him for running his mouth to an unidentified foreign leader.

Watch the clip above, via The Washington Post.

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