Watch Elizabeth Warren Eat Smug Bernie Bro’s Soul Live on CNN

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Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren absolutely crushed a Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to troll her at a CNN town hall, but learned a hard lesson before he could even finish his question.

At Wednesday night’s CNN town hall, moderator Don Lemon introduced a Bernie Sanders supporter named Jason Pietramala, who launched into a question dripping with smugness and sprinkled with ancient Howard Stern catchphrases.

“Hey now, Senator Warren, welcome to Charleston,” Pietramala said, scoring his first Howard brownie point as tens of neckbeards roared approval on their mom’s couches.

“During the Nevada debate, you and every other candidate on the stage, except for Bernie, hello somebody, indicated that the candidate with the plurality of delegates should not necessarily be the nominee,” he continued, adding, “This essentially means the will of the voters could be denied by the superdelegates and the DNC, which is basically undemocratic, and in my opinion is a bunch of, bababooey, to put it politely.”

The Stern bros in TV land likely needed to pause their DVRs at this point.

“Can you explain why the will of the voters should not matter if no candidate reaches a majority of delegates?” Pietramala concluded and awaited glory.

“So you do know that was Bernie’s position in 2016?” Warren replied as the cosmos played a very loud record-scratch sound effect.

“Not necessarily, no,” Pietramala spluttered.

“Yes,” Warren said.

“He won 22 states, so he went to the convention for voters,” Pietramala said.

“No, that was Bernie’s position in 2016, that it should not go to the person who had a plurality,” Warren said, adding “and remember, his last play was to super delegates.”

Warren then reminded Jason how Sanders had lobbied for the current set of rules, and added: “I don’t see how come you get to change it just because he now thinks there is an advantage to him for doing that.”

Pietramala at least got a consolation prize from Lemon, who congratulated him by saying “I got the Howard reference.”

Warren went on to say that she will fight on to the convention no matter the delegate count because “I have done pinky promises out there, so I have got to stay in this. I’ve told little girls we persist.”

Warren is, of course, correct. Despite the position he expressed during last week’s debate, Sanders said out loud, in public, that superdelegates should deliver him the nomination in 2016 even if Hillary Clinton had the most pledged delegates — but not a majority — because momentum.

He made the argument explicitly to Cenk Uygur with language that sounds a lot like the arguments being used against him now:

And Sanders even devoted most of an entire press conference in May of 2016 to convincing superdelegates to flip for him regardless of the pledged delegate count:

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Like it or not, rules are rules. It’s just weird to dislike the rules this much when your guy had such a hand in writing them.

Watch Warren take Jason’s dignity across the river Styx above, via CNN.

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