WATCH: MSNBC Kept Reporting False Iranian Propaganda About Dead American Troops DURING Attack


MSNBC put on quite a show during the missile attacks on American targets in Iraq on Tuesday night. During both Hardball and All In, as events were still unfolding, the network repeatedly aired propaganda from Iranian State TV, including reports of American fatalities, with only sparse caveats.

In two of several instances while Chris Hayes was on air, MSNBC’s Tehran bureau chief Ali Arouzi delivered dire claims from the Iranian regime. The propaganda included not only stating that Iran had “killed thirty U.S. troops”, but that the Al Asad Airbase had been “leveled.” Arouzi also included an absurdly baseless boast from Iran that they might launch an attack on Dubai, UAE, as well. Classic fear-mongering.

Any families of American service members stationed there who heard that would have experienced indescribable dread.

Hayes offered a caveat, after the devastating reports from Arouzi we now know to be false, that none of the information was verified or corroborated yet. However, stating “this may not be true, but your loved one was massacred according to this report” is hardly a worthwhile caveat at all.

And then, despite that minor caution, Hayes just a few minutes later repeated again the hypothetical devastating news.

But the first reports from Arouzi repeating Iranian propaganda occurred during Hardball in the previous hour, during which host Chris Matthews at no point questioned the reports, nor cautioned his audience that they might not be accurate. (In fact, his main reaction was to speculate that this could be the start of World War III, something he repeated several times throughout, which clip you can see in this post.)

Listen again as Arouzi delivered the Iranian state TV’s spin and propaganda as the attacks were still going on. In the old days, one might have said such reckless, speculative, so-called “reporting” would serve to demoralize or even hope to instill fear in our troops, or the Iraqi troops supporting them.

There is little doubt that the Iranian regime put this information out for their own ends. By repeating it so blithely, with so little caveat, MSNBC not only potentially traumatized family members waiting for news here at home, but helped the regime get its version of events out. And not just get them out first, get them out WHILE the attack was still ongoing. And from American mouths on American television.

Quite a win for Iran’s state propaganda. Immensely, shockingly irresponsible on the part of MSNBC.

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