Trump ‘Admonished’ By Official After He Asked Iraq For Oil as Payback For War, Per New Report

Exclusive: CNN Journalists Reveal What It Was Like Reporting in Syria After Chemical Attacks

Watch U.S. Aid Worker Dodge ISIS Bullets To Save Small Child: ‘It Makes Me Want to Cry’

Boar-ed: Wild Swine Kill ISIS Fighters in Iraq

For First Time in 3 Years, Iraqis Celebrate Palm Sunday In ISIS-Devastated Church

Kimmel Blasts Jared Kushner Iraq Visit: ‘Dennis Rodman Has More Foreign Policy Experience’

ABC’s Cecilia Vega to Spicer: Why Is Jared Kushner in Iraq and Not Tillerson?

In Confirming Kushner Trip to Iraq, White House Breached Protocol

Jared of Arabia?: Kushner Visits Iraq with Joint Chiefs Chairman (Update)

Report: Man Claiming Mom Died in Iraq After Trump Ban Lied, According to Imam

WATCH: Iraqis Are Naming Restaurants and Babies After Trump

‘This Man Has a High Level of Political Sensibility’: Saddam Hussein’s Daughter Praises Trump

CNN Reporter Got Caught Up in Gunfire in Iraq

O’Reilly: Why Does Anyone Care What Trump’s Position on Iraq Is?

‘Bullsh*t’: Fox News Gets Flak for Claiming Old Interview ‘Backs Up’ Trump on Iraq

‘Call Sean!’: Trump Repeatedly Name-Drops Hannity to Defend Himself on Iraq

ISIS Reportedly Behind Mustard Gas Attack on U.S., Iraqi Troops

Giuliani on Whether U.S. Can Take Iraqi Oil: ‘Until the War Is Over, Anything’s Legal’

Watch Donald Trump Make THE BEST Predictions About Gas Prices and Iraq

Chris Matthews Makes Republican Congresswoman Crap Out on Libya and Iraq

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