Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, in Wild New Campaign Ad: ‘The Fake News, Big Tech and Blue State Liberals Stole the Election from President Trump’


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) went all in on Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” with her campaign ad blasting those who supposedly “stole” the election from the former president.

Ivey left little room for subtlety in her video titled “Stole,” wherein she proclaims, “The fake news, Big Tech and blue state liberals stole the election from President Trump.”

“But here in Alabama, we are making sure that never happens,” she continues. “We have not, and will not, send absentee ballots to everyone and their brother. We banned corrupt curbside voting, and our results will always be audited. I’m Kay Ivey. The Left is probably offended. So be it. As long as I’m governor, we’re going to protect your vote.”

Ivey’s ad produced no evidence to back up her assertions, though they echo Trump’s countless claims the election was corrupted by mass fraud and rigged against him. Those claims have been repeatedly rejected by the courts and by Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr.

Alabama Local News reached out to Ivey’s team, and her campaign manager William Califf doubled down on her video.

Gov. Ivey stood with Trump and fought to secure our elections. Here in Alabama, we didn’t have the issues they had in other states. Gov. Ivey will continue to stand strong and make sure that our elections are secure so that what happened to President Trump in other states will never happen in any election in Alabama.

Ivey’s ad comes after Trump revoked his endorsement for Congressman Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) Senate campaign, claiming that he did so because Brooks didn’t do enough to push his election claims. Trump subsequently refused to say if he would ever support a Republican who doesn’t go along with his claims.

Watch above, via Kay Ivey for Governor.

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