Cenk Uygur Buries Dems for ‘Wringing Their Hands’ Over Trump Getting Booed: ‘The Most Feckless Party I’ve Ever Seen’


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The Young Turks creator and Justice Democrats co-founder Cenk Uygur criticized the Democratic Party for being the “most feckless party I’ve ever seen,” on Twitter, Monday.

“Democrats are the most feckless party I’ve ever seen. They’re wringing their hands about Trump getting booed because they love their precious club so much and hate their base,” he declared. “Spend your time looking into his business ties (with the Russians)! Follow the money! Not complicated.”

Uygur made the comment after President Donald Trump was booed by a crowd, who also shouted “Lock him up,” at a MLB World Series game on Sunday– an incident which was condemned by some Democratic Party figures.

Uygur specifically singled out Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) in one post, proclaiming, “Soft, weak Democrats like @ChrisCoons are condemning real Americans for chanting ‘Lock Him Up’ to @realDonaldTrump at #WorldSeries game. It bothers the elites when any of their own are greeted by the emotions of real people. No one has ever deserved that chant more than Trump.”

Coons had responded to the boos and chants against President Trump by commenting, “I’m enough of a traditionalist about our institutions that even at a time when there is a lot that our president does that I find disturbing, offensive, unconventional. I have a hard time with a crowd on a globally-televised sporting event chanting ‘Lock Him Up!’ about our president. I frankly think the office of the president deserves respect even when the actions of our president, at times, don’t.”

“I certainly hope that we won’t hear ‘Lock Him Up!’ chants at Democratic rallies or at our convention,” he continued. “I think that’s one of the most regrettable, even at times despicable, actions by candidate Trump when he was running for president in 2016. It reminds me of things that happen where the rule of law is unknown or unestablished. Whipping up public furor on both sides I don’t think it is constructive or helpful.”

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