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Dem Sen. Chris Coons Condemns ‘Lock Him Up!’ Chants at Trump: ‘The Office of the President Deserves Respect’

A Democratic senator condemned the “Lock Him Up!” chants directed at President Donald Trump on Sunday night during Game 5 of the World Series.

Appearing on New Day, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) called out the fans in Washington over the chant for not showing the proper respect to the office of president.

“I’m enough of a traditionalist about our institutions that even at a time when there is a lot that our president does that I find disturbing, offensive, unconventional. I have a hard time with a crowd on a globally-televised sporting event chanting “Lock Him Up!” about our president. I frankly think the office of the president deserves respect even when the actions of our president, at times, don’t.”

Coons went on to say that he understands why fans might feel compelled to chant — but made a plea for decorum, arguing that the taunts won’t help.

“I certainly hope that we won’t hear “Lock Him Up! chants at Democratic rallies or at our convention,” Coons said. “I think that’s one of the most regrettable, even at times despicable, actions by candidate Trump when he was running for president in 2016. It reminds me of things that happen where the rule of law is unknown or unestablished. Whipping up public furor on both sides I don’t think it is constructive or helpful.”

Watch above, via CNN. The video of the booing is here.

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