GOP Rep. Chip Roy RAGES at Mask Mandates: ‘We Have a Crisis At Our Southern Border and We’re Playing Footsie with Mask Mandates’


Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) raged against the mask mandate in the U.S. House amid the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We have a crisis at our border and we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the People’s House,” said Roy on the House floor. “I mean it’s absolutely absurd what this body is doing, the People’s House. It’s an embarrassment. It’s a mockery.”

“And the American people are fed up. They want to go back to life. They want to go back to business,” he continued. “They want to go back to school without their children being forced to wear masks. To be put in a corner. To have mental health issues.”

Roy went on to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for reimposing the chamber’s mask mandate “while we’ve got thousands of people pouring across our border and Democrats don’t do a darn thing about it, heavily infected with Covid.”

The House physician announced the reinstatement of the House mask mandate on Tuesday amid the spread of the Delta variant. The announcement came the same day as the CDC’s new guidance that fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas with high transmission.

Roy added, “We are absolutely sick and tired of it and so are the American people. This sham of an institution is doing nothing for the American people. Nothing for the betterment of the people that send their representatives here.”

After mentioning that he met with a group that helps those who are trafficked in addition to meeting an elected official in Mexico, Roy expressed frustration over what he said was the House putting masks over the issue of human smuggling at the border.

“We got to go around and see, ‘Okay, we can’t come to the floor, I can’t execute my constitutional duty unless I wear a mask. Well, which is it? Vaccines or masks? Do the vaccines work or they don’t work? Do the masks work or they don’t work? I’d like to know which it is!”

Seconds later, Roy said, “This institution is a sham and we should adjourn and shut this place down.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who sat behind Roy, gave him a standing ovation.

Watch above, via CSPAN.

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