Guiliani Says He Won’t Comply With Subpoena, Parts Ways With His Personal Lawyer After Just 14 Days


President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has reportedly parted ways with his own attorney Jon Sale after just 14 days.

CNN reporter Michael Warren announced the split on CNN Newsroom, Tuesday, declaring, “Rudy Giuliani is parting ways with his personal attorney shortly. That’s Jon Sale. Rudy Giuliani telling CNN just a few moments ago, ‘Jon was helping me with assessing the congressional requests.’ That’s the subpoena request for documents from Rudy Giuliani, the deadline of which was today.”

Giuliani reportedly said that Sale “will submit his letter and he will be finished with what I asked him to do,” and added, “If they take me to court, I would then have to get another lawyer.”

“We should note people close to Giuliani are advising him to get a criminal attorney as questions are lingering about these two associates of him, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were indicted last week,” proclaimed Warren on Newsroom. “Giuliani did not directly answer a question about whether he was considering getting another attorney.”

Warren reported further in an article for CNN Politics that, “Taking on a criminal attorney would likely cost Giuliani something close to $1 million, according to people in New York legal circles. That could be difficult for Giuliani, who admitted earlier this year that he had to take a $100,000 loan from another of Trump’s lawyers Marc Mukasey as a result of his ongoing divorce proceedings.”

Giuliani also told ABC News, Tuesday, that he won’t comply with a congressional subpoena, commenting, “if they enforce it then we will see what happens.”

UPDATE: Giuliani has just posted the letter Sale sent to Congress

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