John Podhoretz Roasts Rep. Steve King: ‘You are a Foul, Disgusting Liar and a Stain on American Public Life’

Editor of Commentary John Podhoretz did not let a pro-Trump Congressman’s attempt to rail against The Weekly Standard go unnoticed.

On Sunday, Rep. Steve King attempted to dance on the grave of now-shuttered The Weekly Standard by saying the outlet deserved its demise.

[email protected] is right on The Weekly Standard’s deserved demise (“pathetic and dishonest”). If the articles targeting me were redacted until only truth remained, there would not be much left to read,” King tweeted out.

King was, of course, referring to the fact that Trump blasted The Weekly Standard and its “failed prognosticator Bill Kristol.”

The outlet regularly criticized Trump.

Yet, Podhoretz was quick to point out the problem with King’s Trump-backing and Weekly Standard bashing tweet was — in his estimation — King himself. He then unleashed on the Congressman.

“The problem with this tweet is that you are a foul, disgusting liar and a stain on American public life,” he wrote. “The stench of your deceit and your views pollutes your district, your state, your party, and the United States.”

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