John Podhoretz Isn’t Buying Nick Ayers Reason for Not Taking WH Chief of Staff Post: ‘That’s a Lot of Crap’


Editor of Commentary and New York Post columnist John Podhoretz is not buying Nick Ayers’ claim that he wants to spend more time with family and therefore will not be taking over White House chief-of-staff John Kelly‘s job.

Ayers, who is currently Vice-President Mike Pence‘s Chief of Staff, announced on Sunday that he is leaving the White House and thus is taking himself out of the running to replace Kelly, who is leaving his post at the end of the year. Reports also suggest that Ayers could not agree to Trump’s demand to stay for two years.

However, speaking on MSNBC, Podhoretz made it clear he thinks that is not the entire story.

“It’s very striking Nick Ayers said to Trump, ‘I don’t want it. I mean he said I could stay for three months. I have twins and I have to go back to Georgia.’ That’s a lot of crap,” Podhoretz said.

Then. he said this: “I don’t know Nick Ayers. I’m not saying he’s a liar, but people don’t get offered the White House chief of staff job very often. He was the vice president’s chief of staff. This is the center of the action. This is the red-hot center of world politics and world power. And he is going back to Georgia after being the chief of staff to the less important guy? I am not buying it.”

Podhoretz also suggested Ayers is just trying to get out before the storm hits the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump said in a tweet on Sunday that he is interviewing other people.

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