John Podhoretz: Trump Screwed If Dems Take House: ‘He’s Going to Get Impeached’


Morning Joe opened up on Thursday with a discussion with polls. Once one of President Trump’s favorite subjects, it’s not a theme he speaks about much anymore.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, Trump’s support has cratered to historic lows (even for him). The news follows a similarly bleak situation from the historically friendly Rasmussen, which put him below 40% approval for the first time earlier this week.

While bad — and inaccurate — polling has always bedeviled Trump analysis, there was a palpable (hopeful?) sense on set that this time, was different and that Trump voters were beginning to turn after the health care implosion.

Commentary Editor and New York Post regular John Podhoretz had a blunt warning for Trump and any of his people watching.

“The plain political issue is Democrats need 24 House seats to take the House back in 2018 and the table is being set pretty nicely for them to get that number,” he said. “And if they get that number or 10 more than that number, he’s going to get impeached.”

…Go on, JPod.

“Im not saying he’s going to get convicted and thrown out of office, I’m saying that the House will impeach him if the Democrats have a 10 seat majority and if he doesn’t right the ship, he’s Clinton in 1998 and 1999.”

With the exception of screechy Democrats, brought in to serve as slow news warm bodies, we’re not used to hearing the I-word too often. But JPod is no screechy lib and his warning is likely prescient.

We wish he would unblock us on Twitter — We still like you JPod.

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