Schnippers Owner Issues Personal Apology After NY Post Columnist Has Meltdown Over Delayed Burger Order

When NY Post columnist John Podhoretz orders fast food, he’d better get it on time, or he’ll flame your entire restaurant on Twitter.

Podhoretz had a minor fit on Twitter after his order from Schnippers — a New York burger chain — was very, very late.

Schnippers co-founder and owner Andrew Schnipper issued a personal apology to Podhoretz and refunded his order:

Upon receipt of the apology, Podhoretz said he would delete his previous tweets, but by the power of screenshots, they are preserved for all eternity:

“Aren’t you ashamed of your dreadful, horrific service?” Podhoretz said in one tweet. In another: “No one should ever order from you. Ever.”

Some on Twitter jumped to the burger joint’s defense after Podhoretz’s comments:

UPDATE 2:38 p.m. EST: Podhoretz tweeted out a handwritten note from the general manager of Schnippers, who offered him a “goodie bag.”

“All hail @Schnippers !” the political commentator tweeted:

[image via screengrab]

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