Maria Bartiromo ‘Not Buying’ Trump’s Bluster on China Trade Negotiations: ‘The President Has Gotten Nothing’


Fox Business Network’s Mornings With Maria host Maria Bartiromo announced she is “not buying” President Donald Trump’s supposed deal plan with China, Monday, and accused the Trump administration of “overselling” it while giving China what it wants for little in return.

“This is supposed to be part one of a multi-prong deal, but let’s not forget, the treasury has been overselling details of this deal now for years. Steven Mnuchin came out a year ago and said, ‘Oh, we’re 90% there, we’re 90% there,’ only to find out in fact they were not close at all,” declared Bartiromo. “Most of the big issues have not been resolved by this. We still have the open question of whether or not the Chinese are going to steal intellectual property. The forced transfer of technology is nowhere. Basically, to me it looks like the Chinese got what they want.”

“They got the tariff increases on hold for next week, and financial services industry, they got a big plus because they have been told that they won’t have those limits in terms of how much you can own of a Chinese company,” she continued. “That’s about it that the U.S. got, and the agricultural products. The Chinese have to buy pork and soybeans from the U.S. because they’ve got a massive swine flu going on that is even showing up in North Korea.”

Later on in the show, Bartiromo proclaimed, “I’m not buying it. I’m not buying it. I think the administration is overselling it. I think they continue to want to see markets rally and stay calm so they tell us we’re close, we’re close, we’re close. But the president has gotten nothing in terms of the big ticket items. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continues to oversell this.”

A report from Bloomberg, Monday, which claimed China isn’t ready to sign President Trump’s deal yet, appeared to back up Bartiromo’s doubts.

“China wants to hold more talks this month to hammer out the details of the ‘phase one’ trade deal touted by Donald Trump before Xi Jinping agrees to sign it,” Bloomberg reported, adding that the nation “has become increasingly wary of any statements from Trump.”

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