Marjorie Taylor Greene Deems Pride Flag ‘A Symbol of Aggression,’ Slams ‘Evil, Perverted’ Agenda


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called the rainbow Pride flag — which has long stood for inclusion — “a symbol of aggression” in her latest rant about gay and trans rights.

“The pride movement is not about rights for gay people anymore,” Greene tweeted. “Every American has equal rights. 🏳️‍🌈 has become a symbol of aggression that should be concerning to all Americans. This is an evil, perverted, and hyper sexualized agenda that is targeting kids and it must end!”

Greene appeared on right-wing The Charlie Kirk Show where the two bemoaned the fact that a rainbow flag was hung at a Marriott-owned hotel where Kirk held his Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

Kirk rolled tape of Greene speaking at the event.

“You can’t say things like this, and I’m going to say it,” Greene said from the stage. “I just drove up today here at the Gaylord [hotel] and I saw three flags. And one of the flags, which is just as big as the other ones — the United States flag, the Texas flag — was the rainbow flag. Shame on them! Shame on them for hanging that flag out there. Because it shouldn’t be about what people do sexually that causes us to hang a flag somewhere. The only flags that should be hung are the United States flag — and it’s big and beautiful in the back of this room — and a state flag. So, shame on the Gaylord!”

The camera then cut back to a somber looking Kirk and Greene.

“Yep, now that’s of course, pushed by Marriott corporate. We did our best to try to get it removed and we failed,” Kirk said. “By the way, this is not an isolated incident, Congresswoman. The Biden White House had the gay Pride flag prominently displayed this weekend…and it wasn’t just the gay flag; it was the trans flag new one, with the American flag playing second and third fiddle. So, the gay flag had prominence flanking it.”

“Absolutely, I called them out because the Pride movement is not about rights for gay people anymore, that’s been totally determined for a very long time,” Greene said. “Every single American has equal rights. The equal right to vote, the equal right to buy a home, to have a job if they qualify for job qualifications, get an education, and so much more in America. But that flag that you’re showing there, that the White House and Joe Biden prominently displays as more important that the United States American flag, has become a symbol of aggression. It’s an aggression in a type of form that should be concerning to all Americans, and it is to most Americans.”

Watch the clip above.

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