MediaBuzz Panel Heats Up as Hemingway and Fowler Clash Over Russia Probe: ‘Take It Outside’


Conservative Federalist author Mollie Hemingway and liberal radio host Richard Fowler got into it on Sunday morning’s edition of Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz, causing host Howard Kurtz to step in and tell his panelists to ‘take this outside.”

During a segment about Trump’s growing legal troubles and specifically former National Security adviser Michael Flynn, Kurtz asked Fowler “What do you make of some conservative commentators, including here on Fox, saying, well lying to investigators, this is basically a process crime, that there’s no underlying crime, and therefore it’s not that big a deal?”

Fowler replied that Flynn “has to be held to a higher standard” because “he’s a three-star general,” and because he was the incoming “National Security advisor to the president of the United States of America, which is one of the highest positions in our government, and not only did he lie to the FBI, but he also lied to the vice president.”

“He did a whole lot of lying,” Kurtz injected.

Fowler said he found it “disheartening” to hear conservatives defend Flynn’s lying, and added that Flynn “belongs behind bars for that.”

“This is a big deal to me because it’s at the heart of our law enforcement system,” Kurtz added, which Hemingway took as an opening to say exactly what Kurtz and Fowler were objecting to people saying.

“You should not lie to federal authorities, that’s absolutely true,” she said, but added “It is also true that the investigation itself produced these crimes.” In other words, that it’s a “process” crime. But unsatisfied with that effort to diminish the seriousness, Hemingway invoked Obama.

“Here’s another crime that happened related to Mike Flynn,” she continued. “Someone in the Obama Administration made a criminal leak of that phone call. I don’t even know if it’s been investigated, certainly no one has been held accountable, that was one of the three leaks of information that really set up the Russia hysteria a lot of people fell for. None of them have been investigated nobody’s been held accountable.”

“I’m going to push back on that point for a second,” Axios’ Sara Fischer interjected. “I mean, just to say that but for this investigation he wouldn’t have committed a crime, he just shouldn’t have committed a crime.”

“That’s true, but if the investigation is producing its own crimes, that’s not very American,” Hemingway claimed, an apparent appeal for the exoneration of every perjurer ever.

“But Molly, here’s the point,” Fowler said. “The point is not that he called the ambassador, it’s the fact that he chose to lie about calling the ambassador.”

Hemingway tried to dispute that, but Fowler plowed ahead. “We can talk about the Logan Act all we want to, but why would you cover it up? He covered it up, Michael Cohen covered it up,” Fowler said.

“You guys are going to have to take this outside,” Kurtz said as the segment ended.

Hemingway employed the familiar tactic of trying to minimize Flynn’s crime, but even Kurtz wasn’t buying that. And when she tried to deflect blame from Flynn by blaming Obama, Fowler shut her down with the actual facts: Nobody forced Flynn to lie, and while Trump hasn’t been indicted (yet), no one has offered an innocent explanation for why Flynn lied.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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