‘Nothing is Getting Done!’ Steve Bannon Burns Down Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and James Comer in Scorching Rant


Steve Bannon went on a bitter tirade where he blew up over Kevin McCarthy’s ineffectiveness as House speaker — and he made sure to go after Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and James Comer (R-KY) as well.

The former Donald Trump adviser used his latest War Room podcast to talk about McCarthy’s response to Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) leading a caucus mutiny against him, even after McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. Bannon was referring to the reported closed-door meeting in which McCarthy defiantly responded to the far-right House Republicans potentially  moving to vacate him from the speakership.

Bannon was not impressed by McCarthy’s stand, demanding to know “Why have you not done anything in the first nine months?” He continued to rail that “you have done nothing” with the Congressional majority that McCarthy was given when Republican congressional holdouts agreed to his speakership under multiple stipulations.

“You lied to people. And so now you’re caught, and you’ve come up with no plan,” Bannon seethed. “You’re doing nothing. You’re doing nothing about the woke and weaponized. You’re doing nothing about the ceding of our sovereignty to these international organizations. Nothing is getting done. Nothing! It’s all performative. Including Comer and Jordan.”

Bannon based his complaints for Comer and Jordan on the fact that further action hasn’t been taken yet on their investigations into Hunter Biden. It didn’t take Bannon long though to go back to raking McCarthy across the coals.

You see how weak he is? You see that? ‘Well, it’s not really impeachment, we’re just going to ask a few questions.’ Stand up and be a man! Own the room! Step in there! Your big talk in front of your conference, dropping the F bombs. Come in front of the microphones with the opposition media and be a man!

You know why people are sick of this? You know why they’re sick of Fox News, and they’re sick of the Republican Party, and they’re sick of the uni-party, and they’re sick of half of conservative media? Because you’re pencilnecks that’ll roll over immediately.

Watch above.

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