Steve Bannon

Scarborough: Steve Bannon Looking Chubbier Because Mercers ‘Are Shoving Money in his Pocket’

Gingrich Hits Bannon Over His ‘War’ With GOP: When We Fought Nazis, We Didn’t Start By Fighting Britain

Gingrich: Why Is Bannon Targeting Republicans When He Could Be Going After Democrats Instead?

Tapper: ‘At Some Point, the President’s Going to Have to Choose’ Between Bannon and McConnell

McConnell Responds to Bannon’s #War: ‘Winners Make Policy and Losers Go Home’

Scarborough Slams Value Voters Summit for Giving ‘Hero’s Welcome’ to Steve Bannon: ‘Who Are These People?!’

Sen. Susan Collins Blasts Steve Bannon for Unhelpful, ‘Over-the-Top Rhetoric’

Gorka Warns: Liberals Cheered When I Left WH, But We Can Do ‘Much More Damage’ to Them Now

Twitter Rips Bannon for Criticizing Corker’s ‘Ridicule’ of Trump: ‘Give Me a Break’

Steve Bannon Rips Corker at Values Voter Summit: He Has ‘Mocked and Ridiculed’ Trump

Bannon Predicts Trump Will Win Reelection in 2020 With ‘400 Electoral Votes’

Bannon Reportedly Said Trump Only Has ‘A 30 Percent Chance’ of Finishing His Term

Trump Loyalists Calling Sen. Corker ‘Irresponsible’ For Ongoing Feud Are More Irresponsible

GOP Rep. Tells Chris Matthews He Is ‘Not Afraid of Steve Bannon’

Joe Scarborough Ridicules Steve Bannon: ‘Pretending Like He’s A Dime Store Populist’

Bannon: ‘We Are Declaring War’ on GOP Establishment Not Backing Trump Agenda

Steve Bannon Trashes Corker: If He Has Any Honor or Decency, ‘He Should Resign Immediately’

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Do We Need Bannon To Lynch Someone To Know He’s a White Supremacist?

Steve Bannon: Trump Supporting Gun Control ‘Will Be the End of Everything’

Steve Bannon Warns Trump After Alabama Runoff: ‘Do Not Get on the Wrong Side… of Your Base’

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