Trump Hits 51 Percent Approval, 7 Points Higher Than Obama on Same Day in 2012: Rasmussen


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President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit 51 percent on Monday, according to a Rasmussen survey. The figure is 7 points higher than former President Barack Obama’s approval rating on the same day in 2012.

President Trump’s approval rating is up 1 percent from Friday, and up 5 percent compared to Wednesday.

The past few days have seen President Trump’s highest Rasmussen approval ratings since February, before the coronavirus pandemic went worldwide and his approval ratings dropped.

As previously reported by Mediaite’s Rudy Takala, “Rasmussen samples a greater number of Republicans than most of its competitors, leading to results more favorable to the GOP and more favorable reviews of Rasmussen from the president.”

Rasmussen was one of the most accurate pollsters in 2016 — correctly predicting Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote by two percentage points — but fell short in the 2018 midterms, when it predicted voters preferred Republicans by 1 percentage point. Democrats won the House by a cumulative 8.6 percent that year.

On Wednesday, a Rasmussen survey found 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden “with 48 percent support among Likely U.S. Voters to Trump’s 42 percent.”

“Five percent prefer some other candidate, while four percent are undecided,” Rasmussen said.

However, in July, a survey also found that only 54 percent of likely voters “think Biden is capable of debating the president.”

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