‘Why Did I Not See That Coming?’ Neil Cavuto Reacts to Tim Scott Soliciting Campaign Donations


Fox News host Neil Cavuto offered a straightforward prompt to a presidential candidate on Thursday, which was answered with multiple pleas for campaign donations.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) joined Your World on Fox News, where the anchor noted Scott’s diminutive poll numbers before noting how early longshot candidates have emerged victorious in both parties’ primaries before. He then asked the senator if he’s concerned that the growing number of candidates will split much of the Republican primary vote and help Donald Trump notch the nomination, just as he did in 2016.

“I’m wondering if this could be a redo of 2016 when we have a whole lot of Republicans in the race,” Cavuto said. “Many more could be coming, and I’m just wondering in that environment, whether it serves Donald Trump well – and not necessarily you well. In other words, he could divide and conquer that environment much as he did back then.”

Scott had no interest is addressing this very real possibility.

“What I’m learning right now, Neil, sitting here in New Hampshire last night and Iowa – town hall, standing room only – the optimistic positive message with a backbone anchored in conservative principles is working,” the senator said. “The more my message gets out, the more I travel around, the more excited people are to join the team.”

Scott then plugged his website – twice.

“Go to votetimscott.com to learn more how you can be a part of this movement,” he continued. “This movement will transform America into the greatest land on the Earth and eliminate the retreat that we are currently in because of President Biden leading us back. It is time for someone to lead us forward. I’m that candidate. Votetimscott.com. Learn more. Make a contribution. Join the team.”

“Why did I not see that coming?” Cavuto asked rhetorically, prompting Scott to chuckle.

Indeed, visitors to Scott’s campaign website immediately receive a prompt requesting a campaign donation.

Watch above via Fox News.

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