New Yorker Tackles Redskins Controversy with Thanksgiving Cover

The New Yorker is wading into the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins team name with its Thanksgiving-themed cover, set to hit newsstands on Monday.

“This is 2014, and it seems a little late to be dealing with that stuff,” artist Bruce McCall said of his design in a statement. “It should have been quashed a long time ago. We did everything to the Indians that we could, and it’s still going on. It seems crude and callous. Names like the Atlanta Braves come from another time. So, in my cover, I’ve brought the cultural arrogance of one side back to the sixteen-hundreds and the first Thanksgiving dinner, just to see what would happen.”

And added bonus is the magazine’s freedom to use the team’s logo without fear of litigation after the U.S. Patent Office canceled the team’s trademark, ruling it “disparaging” towards Native Americans. It is the same reason South Park was allowed to use the team logo liberally during its season premiere.

[Photo via New Yorker]

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