‘BARK-LEY SUCKS! BARK-LEY SUCKS!’ Sir Charles Boils as Shaq Leads Lakers Fans Into Massive Chant


The basketball season officially tipped off Tuesday night and Shaquille O’Neal made sure to rekindle his long running feud with Charles Barkley as the Hall-of-Famers returned to the set of Inside the NBA.

Shaq had an army of Lakers fans ready to help him, after Sir Charles spent much of the night roasting L.A.’s most popular NBA team. So when Shaq implored them to start a “BARK-LEY SUCKS!” chant, Lakers fans said ‘how loud?’ with little reluctance.

Tuesday night, Barkley mocked the Lakers roster for being too old, claiming the “geezers” will “need a lot of Bengay.” The 58-year-old poked fun at LeBron’s hair, “gotta get the biggest headband in the world to cover that bald spot,” and he revived his merciless “street clothes” nickname for the oft injured Anthony Davis.

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” Shaq turned to the crowd and yelled before leading the massive group of people surrounding TNT’s Inside the NBA set into a giant “BARK-LEY SUCKS!” chant – their second of the night. “LOUDER! LOUDER!” Shaq screamed, and the crowd responded as such.

Barkley attempted to laugh it off, but competitive spirit caused his blood to boil and drove him to fire back. “I wish we were in Philadelphia,” Barkley said. “Cause if you come to Philadelphia and work and you’re a jackass we let you go home,” a dig at Ben Simmons. “You can’t come here and act like a fool.”

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